Automatically Burns


Redistribution to Holders


For Development of YoCoin

With every transaction on the YOCO network, 1% is burned from circulation increasing the value of existing coins; 1% is instantly redistributed to holders; 1% is also used for development, advertising, and dynamic liquidity to ensure long term health and growth of the company and our holders assets. All of this happens without any required actions. Short-term trading or long-term investing, the tokenomics just make sense.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, YOCO transactions are instantaneous with low fees making it an excellent store and transfer of value. You can send YOCO in small or large amounts to anyone in the world in seconds.

We are unique! We are dedicated to serving our community and are available to answer questions around the clock. YOCO does not have access to your funds or personal information. Keep your private wallet keys safe.

YOCO support will never ask for your keys!

Not everyone likes to watch the charts and stress all day. We make it easy for hodlers as they automatically receive a percentage of every buy, sell, or other transaction on the network.

Rewards are automatic and instant with no staking required. This resolves the issue of locking up finances in hopes of a better interest rate. Rewards are dependent on network trading activity. The more the network is utilized, the more holders will receive.

Get YOCO today and start receiving free crypto rewards for LIFE!

YOCO implements a burn strategy that benefits and rewards those who invest long-term. This feature slowly reduces supply making each YOCO more and more valuable.

The current total supply of YOCO is public information featured on the BSC scan website, allowing for transparency in identifying the current supply, amount of holders, and number of transactions at any time.

Dynamic DeFi LPs are the beauty of YOCO.

  1. The pools are evenly balanced and flexible. By having multiple large pools, this ensures an added measure of DeFi and security.
  2. The 1% dynamic penalty acts as an arbitrage-resistant mechanism that secures the volume as a reward for the holders.
  3. Not every transaction is penalized for the LP, thus making it cost effective for traders to get in and out of YOCO trades—all while benefiting holders. The added LP creates stability from the supplied LP, thus increasing the tokens overall LP and supporting YOCO’s price floor.

YoCoin has a unique liquidity structure. In the past we have seen liquidity pools get hacked, drained, or otherwise compromised.

Our developers thought of a way to increase security even more with Dynamic DeFi Liquidity Pools. We currently have a 6 pools operated by YOCO, over 20 in total at the time of writing, and our pools are open to the public for anyone to create and earn YOCO rewards for doing so!

This structure allows us to be more secure and more stable than other projects. It also incentivises community members to create their own pools!

Security has been one of our top priorities since day 1.

The developers of YoCoin (YOCO) are ethical, fair, community driven participants who realize that the success of YoCoin depends on the success of our holders!

Our community is growing rapidly and full of people from all walks and skill sets of life. We aim to suit both the day trader and the long term investor. With 3% super low trading fees that are designed to benefit the community traders are able to swap in and out of YOCO quickly and easily. Most other coins cost anywhere from 12-22% per transaction which is why YoCoin is ahead of the curve! We have confidently built our team and our roadmap to success.

Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Please note that YoCoin (YOCO) customer service will never ask for your private keys!