YoCoin is a safe, secure, eco-friendly, DeFi Cryptocurrency engineered with the lowest trading fees available as well as automatic rewards for life!

Not just your average altcoin, YoCoin (YOCO) is YOUR coin!

It is a 100% community driven and fair launched cryptocurrency. An ultra-fast global payments system and features protocol static rewards with dynamic DeFi liquidity.

YoCoin is a long-term investment opportunity developed to generate its own interest from low trading fees.

Engineered by a forward-thinking development team for the benefit of the people, it's been future proofed for safety and success.

We aim to be one of the safest long-term stores of value!

A small, forward-thinking development team located globally.  Check out the full team page for more information

YoCoin Is available via Pancake Swap (purchasable with BNB), on Hotbit (purchasable with USDT) and XT.com (purchasable with USDT and ETH).

Links to purchase:

Hotbit - USDT


Pancakeswap - BNB

Yes, YoCoin has customer service available to the public and community.  This can be reached via our social groups and channels.

Remember that YoCoin team members will never ask for the keys to your wallet

The number of YoCoin left in circulation can be seen on the BSC scan at anytime.


As YoCoin is a deflationary token (1% of all transactions are burned), this number reduces each time a transaction is made on the chain.

Yes you can send YoCoin to anyone, anywhere in the world. Transactions usually process within a few seconds.

Yes, you can find the entire YoCoin team on all social media platforms, including:







The YoCoin whitepaper can be read and downloaded here

Yes YoCoin is a great long term investment as the coin supply slowly burns increasing it's value over time.

YoCoin knows that their success depends on the success of the users and holders, YoCoin is doing and will do everything that they can to make sure their community is safe, protected, and secure.

Yes, you can already purchase web hosting through Dataguys.co and graphic design / web design services through The Fresh Lab.

There is also the YoCoin Marketplace (currently under development) as well as the YoCoin Store where you can purchase clothing, accessories, stickers, phone cases and much more!