Built for Success


A Safe, Secure, Eco-Friendly, DeFi Cryptocurrency Engineered with the Lowest Trading Fees Available as well as Automatic Rewards for Life!

Not just your average altcoin, YoCoin (YOCO) is YOUR coin!

It is a 100% community driven and fair launched cryptocurrency. An ultra-fast global payments system. And features protocol static rewards with dynamic DeFi liquidity. YOCO is a long-term investment opportunity developed to generate its own interest from low trading fees.

Engineered by a forward-thinking development team for the benefit of the people, it's been future proofed for safety and success.

We aim to be one of the safest long-term stores of value!








1% of all transactions redistributed to holders

Not everyone likes to watch the charts and stress all day. We make it easy for hodlers as they automatically receive a percentage of every buy, sell, or other transaction on the network.

Rewards are automatic and instant with no staking required. This resolves the issue of locking up finances in hopes of a better interest rate. Rewards are dependent on network trading activity. The more the network is utilized, the more holders will receive.

YOCO implements a burn strategy that benefits and rewards those who invest long-term. This feature slowly reduces supply making each YOCO more and more valuable.

Automatic 1% burns

Dynamic DeFi Liquidity Pools

As the YoCoin Liquidity Pools increase, the price stability mirrors this function with the benefit of a solid price floor and cushion for holders.

The goal is to prevent larger dips when holders decide to sell their tokens later in the game. This keeps the price from fluctuating as much as if there was no added Liquidity Pool function.



We are proud to support ingenuity in all its forms and the YoCoin community is made up of talented individuals who have united to build something remarkable. We support this by cultivating an environment which encourages creativity and growth. We actively encourage our members to create, in whatever media they prefer, unique expressions of creativity.

In addition to community created content, YoCoin also have exclusive NFT artwork which can be collected, traded or just held.